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Welcome to Bold Canine Inc.
Proud Winner of the
"Entrepreneur Business Excellence Award for 2009"
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WHEN:             Saturday July 19th
TIME:               10am – 2pm
WHERE:           Bold Canine, 8 Thompson Cr Unit 3, Erin (2 doors north of Tim Hortons)


Schedule of doggy fun:

10:15am Highest Jump Registration & Warm up

10:30-10:45am Highest Jump competition. 

10:45am          Fastest hurdle competition registration & warm up

11-11:30am     Fastest hurdle jump (3 jumps)

11:45am          Bobbing for Treats registration & warm up

12-12:30pm     Bobbing for Treats competition

12:45pm          Best doggy trick registration

1 – 1:30pm      Best doggy trick



We do not have any breeding plans for 2014


Register TODAY for Dog Training Classes

New classes starting every week!

We can teach dogs of any age.
Puppy Class, Basic Obedience, Socialization, and Advanced Classes.

And check out our fun dog trick class, roll over rover!
Visit our Schedule Page for more information and to easily register online.

Don't spend another day with your dog pulling your arm off on leash or refusing to come when called, we can fix it ~ it's what we do.

Looking for Bold Raw natural foods?

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Our Training Centre/Bold Raw Retail Location:
8 Thompson Crescent
Units 2 & 3
Erin, Ontario, Canada
519-833-0800 or Toll Free at 1-88-88-BOLDK9

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Come visit our retail store loaded with great raw products, dehydrated all natural treats, and unique dog apparel!


Hours of Operation
Monday/Wednesday/Thursday ~ 12pm to 7:30pm
Tuesdays & Fridays ~ 9am to 5pm
Saturdays ~ 9:30am to 3pm

Sundays Closed

Closed statutory holidays



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Feed a Raw Natural Dog or Cat Food Diet!
Click here to see which quality pet food stores carry our Bold Raw!

Tired of feeding bagged cardboard or canned slop with questionable or unknown ingredients? Is your dog or cat tired of eating the same over processed food day in and day out? Thinking of switching to a raw natural dog or cat food diet? Let us help you!

Ground ready made meals, green tripe, or whole meaty bones - Bold Raw has it all. Now also available in convenient pattie format!

A biologically acurate raw food diet for dogs or cats is not just a fad, it's an evolution in the way we care for those that provide us with unconditional love, and a return to a biologically appropriate way to care for our pets. Visit our blog for articles on why a raw natural diet is a great way to care for your special dog or cat, and join our Facebook chat page and follow us on Twitter.

With the seemingly endless list of recalls and concerns over commerical "kibbles", growing concerns over the long term effects of feeding kibble, a natural raw food diet provides a return to a proper/holistic/natural diet based on fresh human grade, government inspected, farm raised products from right here in beautiful Southern Ontario (all of our meats are sourced from within 100 km of our production facility). Unsure of how to start? Of what to feed? Or of just how simple it is? Drop us an email, a phone call, or stop by the Training Centre to learn how you can change your pets diet and lifestyle for the better - from junk food to natural raw food. We are hear to help you and your dog or cat.

Check out our Bold Raw website

Missed Caroline on 'The Motts Radio Show'?
Thats okay, you can still listen to their conventient PodCast. Go to and click on their listen page. Catch her live on the radio, online, or via PodCast every other Wednesday. The Motts are on daily from 11am til noon.

Looking For Daily Dog Walking or Pet Sitting?
Visit our Services page
We offer daily Dog Walking, Potty Breaks, Cat Visits, Pet Sitting while you are away.
We service the regions of Erin, Hillsburgh, & surrounding areas!

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The Bold Canine Shiloh Shepherd breeding program is dedicated to producing healthy, large, well tempered Shiloh Shepherd dogs using only quality, health certified, working and conformation championed/titled Shiloh Shepherds. Read though our website for additional details on the Shiloh Shepherd breed, Shiloh Shepherd Pedigrees and Photographs, and links to other Shiloh Shepherd breeders in Canada and the United States. Contact us to arrange for a personal visit to meet Team Bold Canine or request previous buyer referrals.

Also, Bold Canine presents "Bold Raw". A division of Bold Canine Inc. dedicated to providing your dog or cat with only the freshest, locally produced, raw meats for a natural biologically acurate raw food diet. Whole meaty bones, tripe, or inhouse ground complete meals ~ visiting the Bold Raw webpage for more details.

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