Are you gone most of the day at work and your furry best friend is home all day?

Our dog walking service is ideal for all dogs including puppies or senior dogs that need a potty break mid day, an active dog that requires a lot of exercise or for busy parents that can't provide regular walks. We are here to help! You can book your walk last minute our dedicated staff is always available.

Service is available 7 days a week, 365 days/year

Pricing varies based on location, call 519-833-0800 or email to get an accurate quote 

Weekend and statutory holiday surcharges apply

Going away on holidays?

We take care of your pets in your home
Our experienced certified pet care team will come to your home 3 to 4 times a day to look after your pets. We do not spend the night at your house.

A typical pet sitting day looks like this:
Early morning 30 minute visit : walk and feed
Mid day visit : 30 minute walk and/or play, whatever is prefered, some dogs like a 20 minute walk and a 10 minute play in their yard!
Dinner visit 30 minutes: walk and feed
Bedtime 10-15 mins potty break

Available services are : 10 minute potty break, 30 minute walk, 60 minute walk

You can book as little or as many visits as your animal requires. (cats are typically 1-2 visits per day, dogs are 2 to 4)

This service includes:
- dog walk and play time
- feeding to your specifications
- scooping of cat litter daily
- water plants
- pick up newspaper

Pet Sitting

Dog Walking and Pet sitting

For the past 10+ Years, Bold Canine has been the pet care service provider of choice in the Erin community.

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