Shiloh Shepherd Lola


Full Name & Title: NS GrCanCH bCH aCHPtd Miracle's Bold Copacabana ("Lola"), OVC, TD
Reg: BSBA91-1004 (NSBR) & SSBA 60083 (SSBA)
October 15, 2004
Dam: Hilltop-Kuro's Sonoran Sunrise ("Sunnie"), CGC, OFA, ROM
Sire: GVabmrCH Gemini's Apollo Rocket ("Apollo"), CGC, OFA , CGC, OFA, TDI
Hips: OVC Normal (Final)
OFA Prelim "Normal"
TLI: In "Normal" Range
Height: 26.5" Weight: 90 lbs

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Lola's Story:

At 26.5 inches Lola isn't a towering girl like her housemate Gunner (average sized), but does posess beautiful temperment, great health, and flowing movement - one of the primary reasons she became a Canadian and Breed champ by 12 months of age and took her first Best in Show at under a year old!

In March 2006 Lola was named the Shiloh Shepherd Puppy of the Year with the SSBA, and was also named the 2005 #1 National Select, and a 2006 National Select.

As can be seen at the bottom of the recent news page, Lola was a real hit with the RBCSWO show circuit in 2005 (in 2006 she was semi-retired to focus on Gunner's successes)! At the September 2005 Petrolia show Lola dominated by taking the BEST IN SHOW and two BEST PUPPY IN SHOW awards (a puppy taking a Best In Show is a rare feat!). And at the October 2005 Brampton ISSDC Canada Shiloh Specialty Show Lola earned her first three Grand Championship points by earning a Best of Opposite award (as of December 2006 has 4 total)!

Earlier in the summer of 2005 (July), at the Woodstock show, Lola secured a Best of Breed Puppy and a Best of Opposite (to who else - her buddy Gunner!).

In June 2005, at the Caledonia show, Lola was very impressive with two Best of Breed Puppy awards, two Winners Bitch, two Best of Opposite (again to Gunner!), and two Group placements. To say we're impressed with her would be a huge understatement! Seeing both Gunner and Lola head to head in the ring provided some wonderful memories.

Lola has continued to impress the judges and onlookers, and had completed her Breed Championship and Canadian Championship by 12 months of age! A feat seldom accomplished.

With her conformation titles now earned, in the future we plan on working with Lola to earn her herding instinct, and obedience titles.

Lola made one brief appearance in the ring this year (RBCSWO Woodstock 2007) and took two Best of Breed awards! These show wins completed her Canadian Grand Championship title!

In February 2007 Lola was recognized by St. John Ambulance as a Therapy Dog and will begin her work with Caroline at the Erin Senior's Home, hoping to bring some smiles and friendships to those in need. Stay tuned for pictures!

Lola began her breeding career in the fall of 2006 by paired with Gunner and produced a stunning female named Jade (stay turned for our new Progeny section currently under development). With Lola we are endeavouring to bring the most desired qualities to the Shiloh world.

In April 2007 Lola was bred with the magnificent Chain (Vision's Chain of Command). Unfortunately the litter only produced one puppy (again), but what a beautiful boy he is - Cubs. Cubs lives with his family in Windsor Ontario.

This time, in mid September, Lola was taken to the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) where under the expertise of Dr. Rasa Levstein and Dr. Cathy Gartley she was artificially inseminated with Gunner's "swimmers". The litter produced 3 wonderful shilohs - Tracker, Vienna, and our own Brooklyn.

Lola will not be bred again, we are planning on having her spayed this spring, and she will spend the rest of her days here with us at Bold Canine, and servicing our community as a St John's Ambulance Therapy Dog.

Stay tuned for constant news updates and photos on this page!

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