Bold Canine Shiloh Shepherds - Aly/Gunner 2009 Litter

Aly & Gunner Litter Born August 22nd, 2009

Freiya, Kaiah, Kane, Marty, Sela, Shadow, Whisper, Wolf, & Zoey

At 0430am on the morning of August 22nd, the first pup (Mr Blue) entered the world from this litter. Almost 21 hours later, the final girl joined us at just after 0130am - over 21 hours later.

The litter consisted of 9 gorgeous Shiloh Shepherd pups - 5 females, 4 males. All Sable/Dual/Plush Coated.

Birthday - August 22nd
shiloh shepherd puppy 1 day old

Week 1 - August 29th

The Boys (Red/Navy/Blue/Green)

The Ladies (Pink/Purple/Black/White/Yellow)

Week 2 - September 7th

The Whole Gang - Day 16 September 7th 2009

Left - The Boys (Navy/BLue/Green/Red) ||| Right The Ladies (Yellow/White/Pink/Black/Purple)

Left Ms Black - Right Mr Blue

Left Mr Green - Right Mr Navy

Left Ms Pink - Right Ms Purple

Left Mr Red - Right Ms White

Last, but not least, Ms Yellow!

Week 5 - September 27th

Left - Green Boy downing a Chicken Back :: Righ - The Gang enjoying some chicken!

The Way It's Meant To Be! All Natural!

Red Boy Hams It Up For The Camera!

Hey Ladies - From Left - Ms Yellow, Ms White, and Ms Purple

From Left - Ms Black & Ms Pink

From Left - Mr Red & Mr Dark Blue

From Left - Mr Green & Mr Lt Blue

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